Polkadot Nutella


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Belgian Milk Polkadot Chocolate Shell with Nutella Filling


Embark on a hazelnut voyage with our Nutella polkadot belgian chocolate, where a smooth milk chocolate shell reveals a heart of creamy Nutella, ready to enrapture your taste buds. In brief, a sweet tooth’s dream has arrived with a heavy hitting indica with our Nutella truffle. In contrast, an indica-dominant bar bred from Chocolate Nutella delivering a truly powerful one-two punch. On the positive side, the appearance alone is something of a wonder but she truly shines in the taste and high department. With a sweet earthy chocolate flavor followed by a tangy punch, it hits with full flavor and smacks you with a body high that alleviates most pain. Its a awesome smelling and tasting chocolate mushrooms bar you guys need to try out.


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