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Honeydew/Cantaloupe psilocybin microdose gummies (Vegan)

Relish the essence of summer with our Hokaido Melon psilocybin microdose gummies, a vegan treat encapsulating the refreshing symphony of honeydew and cantaloupe. In summary, indulge in the enticing allure of Hokaido Melon Polkadot Vegan Magic Gummies, each infused with 4 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms. These delectable gummies offer a tantalizing blend of sweet Hokaido melon flavor and potent psychedelic effects, promising a journey of exploration and discovery.

Key Features:

Vegan-Friendly: Crafted with vegan ingredients, these gummies cater to individuals with diverse dietary preferences.

4 Grams of Psilocybin: Of course, each gummy contains a significant dose of 4 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms, ensuring a profound and immersive experience.

Varied Effects: The effects of magic mushrooms can vary widely from person to person, emphasizing the importance of responsible consumption and a safe, controlled environment.

Hokaido Melon Flavor: Delight in the refreshing taste of Hokkaido melon with every gummy, enhancing the overall sensory journey.

Hokaido Melon Polkadot Psilocybin Microdose Gummies offer a delectable and convenient way to explore the effects of Psilocybin Mushrooms. However, it’s crucial to approach consumption with mindfulness and caution, ensuring a safe and enjoyable exploration of the psychedelic realm.

On one hand, Hokaido Melon is a potent and flavorful gummy that can deliver a blast of euphoria and creativity. Customers tell us Hokaido Melon effects include feeling focusedhappy, and calm. Medical patients often choose Hokaido Melon when dealing with symptoms associated with anxiety, pain, and stress.

Polkadot Hokaido Melon strain helps with

  • Depression
    33% of people say it helps with depression
  • Anxiety
    33% of people say it helps with anxiety


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